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   The Challenge: How 144 Letters Changed My Life, The Life Of My Son, And Will Change Your Life Too,’ takes you on a profound and purposeful journey of love and self-discovery, uncovering how letters changed the lives of a father and a son. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that letters have the ability to change not only a father and a son, but the world. Consider that a letter written by Martin Luther King Jr., while sitting in a Birmingham jail and delivered to a local newspaper, changed the direction of America forever. Think about how a letter written by Mahatma Gandhi led to the emergence of a people and the effect if would have, even today, on an entire world. And least we forget, the 21 letters in the New Testament, most of which attributed to the Apostle Paul, have been recited tens of billions of times by peoples of the earth since before 67AD, If these letters fail to move you to consider in engaging in your own letters to your son, daughter, wife or loved one…I hope that those I am about to share my story with will. The letters changed my life. The letters changed the life of my son….and the letters will change your life too.

Kary Oberbrunner

Author of the elixir project and day job to dream job

   “The Challenge is a beautiful story of one young man's journey from being lost and then found. The reader will experience the emotions and pain of both a father and a son, as they exchange heartfelt letters to each other and, in the end, discover 'The Prize" they have been seeking."


Linden Gross

One Stop Writing Shop

   "Author Jim Mazziotti was at his wits end. He was losing his son who was in the process of throwing away his life, and help seemed nonexistent. Then Jim found a boarding school that would change both their lives. The heartrendingly candid and inspiring 144 letters Jim wrote his son over the course of 5 1/2 months would help his son overcome ‘The Challenge’ and grow into the man his father always knew he could be. A father-son love story you won't want to miss."

Jim Akers

Author of Amazon #1 New Release Tape Breakers: Maximize Your Impact With People You Love

   "The depth of a father’s love has the power to change lives and the course of history. There is something magical about a father’s love that draws us to it—we thirst for its redemptive blessing. Love wins if we cling to it, learn from it and apply it. Jim Mazziotti takes you on a journey in The Challenge that will raise your faith in the power and source of love."

© 2018 Created by Christiano Mazziotti. The Challenge, written by Jim Mazziotti

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